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6 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. 1B.R.U.T.A.L

    SOunds great. I always come to read what you write. It is ALWAYS so interesting. Your a wonderful person Annette, and you do a great job on your work! Thank you for all the great reading and information!!

  2. I try to do my best to bring people interesting content about the paranormal. Thanks for your support and friendship Jen.

  3. 3ltaylor

    I have read your imformation about demons. I have been commenting on the foram at A Haunting. My Husband Don has been a Teaching Minister ever since he was very young, The main thing that God has called him into is the Five Fold Ministry, this incorporates all five of the offices, preacher, pasters, evangleist, prophet, Teacher.Don is ordained by God to do all of these things through Christ Jeusus. We do not believe that human spirits have been given authority to roam the earth or to haunt places. We belive that the spirits that are haunting are infact demonic spirits posing as someone who died mostly just to try and cause confusion to people. I don’t know of any scriptures that say that after someone dies they would have a choice to not go to the light for judgement. I would really welcome some info. ltaylor

  4. It’s true that demonic beings can pose as spirits to trick people. I endeavor to bring good information to my site but everything here isn’t written by me. Having said that I am hesitant to explain what I have come to accept and have experienced over the years because my intuition tells me that it’s not for you.

  5. To explain a bit further, I do get letters from people from some religions that believe everything paranormal is the devil and some of them are really suffering in awful situations. In the past I tried to offer advice but now realize that what I say is outside their belief system and can’t help. I don’t want to be judged anymore for being a different religion. I don’t want someone to argue with me or try to save me. I am a Christian and I go to church. I don’t need to defend myself and it often ends up that way. This is why I turned you down.

  6. 6Katherine

    Hi Annette,
    My name is Katherine and 10 years ago I was genuinely possessed by demons. Black eyes, writhing, repelled by christian symbols, etc.
    Anyway…all is good because after a month of indescribable torment, I called upon Jesus for help. He drove away the demons and literally filled me with the Holy Spirit. It was such a serene feeling.
    I believe this all happened because of a soddish mistake I made when I was 12….playing with the ouigi board.
    Just thought you might be interested in my story. I’m sending it to all the Demonologists I know for their own education.
    Take Care and God Bless

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